I just dont know…

The dust has settled, the bad guys are caught and the government moves on, I mean Life moves on.

The conspiracy theorists are going full speed and the Liberals are still saying everyone else is crazy.

The destractions are in full swing, our constitution is being whittled away, and our leaders are mad at us.

It is truly amazing to me, the reactions to events that are happening around us are so polar opposite from what they would have been in generations gone by. We have witnessed attacks on our country, then our leadership along with the mainstream media immediately form a speculative opinion that accuses us of attacking us. That we are at fault for what is happening because we wont concede and give up our rights so that the government can take full control of our safety. The President stands in the rose garden and literally points the finger at the citizens for all that is taking place. Meanwhile the truth is being buried as deep as it can in political fodder.

We aren’t the problem. The facts are obvious. Our countries respect has been slandered by its own elected officials so much that all who would commit acts against us are now seeing that they can. The fate of the United States citizen is in jeopardy and the left wish to do nothing but exacerbate the problem by removing more of our rights, the right aren’t much better.

I don’t know…






Bomb blasts occur almost every day somewhere around the world killing and injuring innocent victims. Communities have become numbed by the unfortunate results of these calculated attacks.
Immediately the media starts speculating,  Governments vow to “FIND THOSE RESPONSIBLE” , Family and friends morn and society moves on.
This is what people have done every day in villages, towns and cities around the world and now I fear it is America’s turn.
The. Bomb attacks in Boston are just that, Attacks.  The word Torrorist only fits until the act is committed. Once the explosion took place it became an Attack. Any future threats that are made… Terrorism.
The United States is under Attack and now that someone has drawn first blood other radical groups are likely to accelerate their agenda’s and follow suit with similar Attacks.

We must, as citizens, open our eyes, ears and mouths. If you see or hear ANYTHING that just doesn’t seem right or just looks out of the ordinary, report it to the authorities and then tell others in your circle of influence about it. Personal security is your responsibility, Public Security is EVERYONE’S responsibility!  The smallest thing could make a huge difference. 

Scary at best

Politically speaking, this is a scary world.
With all that is happening in Washington D.C., the state capitals, county and local goverments plus the rest of the world.
We are being overwhelmed.
Here in our country people are dead set on legislating us out of being a sovereign nation and hand our Constitution over to the U N.

Countries  like Iran, Syria, Africa, Pakistan,Russia, China, Venezuela, Mexico and oh yeah lets not forget that little hot spot known as North Korea are willing to do whatever it takes to assist in making this happen.

There is so much to digest, most are stepping away from the table and just calling it quits. Those who are setting the pace have planned for this, and are taking full advantage of it.
We can not just sit around and allow the few destroy the future of the many.


As Free Citizens Wemust must commit to action. We must get envolved in the governing of our great nation from all levels. We must bring together our family and friends and acquaintances in this process. We must make our voices be heard.
That old saying “The meek shall inherit the earth.” I don’t think they are going to want what will be left.

The new saying should be…

These are only scary times to those of us paying attention.

Unequivocal gall

Every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, we hear those from the left tell us how great they are doing to improve our country, our states and our community.  Although the facts prove a completely different scenario. 
I could go on and beat the dead horse on all of the topics as usual but today I am not. I am going to just ask that every one look around where ever.you are. Look around and ask yourself; “Are we really better off? Are they really doing all they can for everyone?”
I am positive that if you say yes to either question, you are receiving a government subsidies check of one type or another. If your answer is NO, you are part of the 46% that are paying their check.
It is very difficult to help those who are under the influence of the government dole. Once the ability of one to provide for themselves has been removed and replaced by a “benefit” that person then believes that they are safe and secure and throws their soul in the pile that the government then disposes of. Millions of people have witnessed the effects in person of this type of life but sadly none of them see what it has turned them to. And the elected leaders they keep putting in office continue to provide the poison year after year, generation after generation.

I fear what is coming for not only our country but all of us in the working class around the world. We are out numbered by those with no soul and the leaders move on…


The Unequivocal gall…


ap·a·thy /ˈapəTHē/

Noun Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

Synonyms indifference – unconcern – torpor -listlessnes

Today is a day like no other. People wake up, tend to their morning rituals, maybe eat a little breakfast and out the door to work. They will trudge through the grind at work for their 8 straight then head home, relax a bit, eat dinner, maybe visit family or friends then off to bed so they can do it all again tomorrow.

We all know this and accept it as the norm. But the silent part of this is the apathy that develops. I search for it everyday and usually don’t have to go far to find it. The young, middle aged and old alike are all succumbed by it and this is scary.
I am not old enough to speak for the great generation or even the baby boomers but I can reflect on what I have seen from these older people. They had the “Can Do” attitude.  There where no projects they didn’t take on. When things got tough they looked for and found the fix, then applied it. When you wanted to know something you could ask a friend or neighbor and usually you got the straight skinny on your question. They were attentive to the current events in all respects.
Today, not so much. I find that more people are totally oblivious to the modern day news and when asked why they just respond “If I pay attention to all that stuff I won’t be able to sleep at night, plus, there are other people who will take care of it so I don’t really have to.”
WHAT? This is national suicide walking!!!

For those of you reading this these words don’t apply, your actually doing something. The next step is to do more. We can not go down in the history books as the “Era of Apathy” We must force our family, friends and neighbors into conversations about current events both domestically and abroad. We must first find all of the facts we can about current events then go out every day and help cause our citizens to be engaged in thought and action.
I bring this up due to a small internet spat I witnessed today between a woman expressing fear and concern and friends basically telling her ; “just shut off the news, it will all be ok, someone else will take care of it.”


This little word is going to go down in history in a big way.

Help me try to prevent this, one conversation at a time. Its easy, we do it all the time with those of us that are like minded. Now lets all find those who aren’t like us and just talk, share the days news, maybe they will get it, maybe they won’t, but we must atleast try.

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Muslim nurses and doctors in the U.K. will be excused from hygiene standards to facilitate their cultural demands for modesty. Keep in mind, these people wipe their asses with their left hand. Hand washing has proven in the U.S. to be the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease.


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